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The Nook is a condo in the nature. The views, plants and rocks make it a dream for any homebuyer.

Starting at $190,000

The Nook is a great place to buy a home. It has beautiful views, lots of trees and plants, and big rocks here and there.

Starting at $290,000

It's a condo in the forest, with beautiful views, lots of trees and vegetation, and a few big rocks here and there.

Starting at $390,000



The Valley

A place where you can escape the city, where your mind can wonder endlessly, where you and your loved ones can bond uninterruptedly, where you feel like you belong, where you are limitless.

The Valley is not just designed for living. It’s designed for dreaming. The quaint town harks back to the good old days of close-knit neighborhoods. Come home to a place that brings back the nostalgia of your hometown, with everything you need to power your dreams. Make yourself at home in The Valley.

At The Valley, Emaar has put together its finest minds to bring you the best-in-class family amenities that have never been seen before in the region.


3-, 4- & 5-Bedroom Townhouses


Creek Rise (Dubai Creek Harbour)

Creek Rise comprises two beautifully designed residential high-rises with unparalleled views overlooking the Creek Island’s lush parkland. Set in a family-oriented neighbourhood, its one, two and three-bedroom apartments range from 72 to 152 square meters of sheer elegance.

Nestled in the northern part of Creek Island, overlooking the parkland, Creek Rise enjoys direct access to the island’s circular boulevard. A short walk to Creek Marina, the new 5-star luxury marina, there is no better base from which to explore. With the interchange at Ras Al Khor Road and easy access to Dubai’s main roads, Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport are just 10 to 15 minutes away.

Taking urban living to new heights, all of the Creek Rise apartments have balconies with clear lines of sight to the waterfront and overlooking the lush expanse of the park below. The towers’ dynamic surroundings never fail to surprise and delight, ensuring endless experiences for residents and guests of all ages, from charming cafés and restaurants to fashionable retail stores and boutiques.

Prices Start from:

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.04 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments: AED 3.14 Million


Creek Gate (Dubai Creek Harbour)

The two stepped towers of Harbour Gate comprise stylish one, two and three-bedroom apartments with a clear line of sight to the futuristic Dubai Creek Harbour. Overlooking the leafy parkland below and the shimmering waters of the Dubai Creek, living here ensures you get access to the wide array of leisure and recreational facilities that bring Creek Island to life.

Rooted in Creek Island’s parkland, Harbour Gate is easily accessible via the circular boulevard. Within walking distance to Creek Marina, Emaar’s new waterfront destination, the iconic Harbour Gate structures are a 10 to 15-minute drive from Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport.

The views from Harbour Gate are mesmerizing. The lush greenery of the parkland below evokes serenity, while the glittering lights of Dubai Creek Harbour excite the senses. The feeling of peace and wonder is also reflected in the surrounding neighbourhood. Shaded leafy alleyways lead you to the delightful park and then you are swept away by the shops and activities on the lively boulevard.

Prices Start from:

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.23 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments:  AED 3.10 Million


Golf Views (Dubai South)

Come home to a pocket of serenity. Golf Views offers you an impressive array of stylish one-, two, three- and four-bedroom apartments overlooking the 18-hole Championship golf course. It’s the perfect base in which to relax, explore and feel like you’re on holiday, every day.

Golf Views is ideally located near the Dubai World Central peripheral road. Drop off your kids at school, go for lavish dinner in a nice hotel, or hit the shops – all in just a few minutes. What’s more, the Al Maktoum International Airport and Expo 2020 are both less than a 10 minutes’ drive away. You’ll be living near the world’s largest airport and the world’s greatest show.

At Golf Views you become at one with nature. Away from the bustle and surrounded by lush green parks, you and your loved ones will enjoy the golf course, landscaped gardens, tree-lined boulevards, walking and bicycle trails, and so much more. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a greener neighbourhood than the one around you.

Prices Start from:

1 Bedroom Apartments: AED 800,000

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 1.14 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2 Million


Urbana (Dubai South)

Find yourself in a sparkling oasis that offers something for everyone. Urbana III is a new concept of family-friendly living with outstanding dining, shopping, schools, clinics, entertainment and leisure facilities —all just moments away. Choose between 2 and 3-bedroom ready-to-move-in townhomes.

A safe, gated neighbourhood, Urbana III is ideally located on the crossroads between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In addition to the 18-hole Championship golf course at its doorstep, Urbana III, Urbana III is only a few moments away from the globally significant Expo 2021 and the Al Maktoum International Airport.

Urbana’s townhouses are connected by a network of walkways that are ideal for an evening stroll or a brisk jog amongst the manicured greens.

With an 18-hole Championship golf course on your doorstep, there’s nothing stopping you from practising your swing whenever your heart desires or simply enjoying a sumptuous brunch by the gorgeous greens.

Prices Start from:

2 Bedroom : AED 1.12 Million

3 Bedroom : AED 1.55 Million


Crest Grande

A classy, elegant, and cosmopolitan island lifestyle in the center of Dubai, with resort-style relaxation surrounded by untouched nature and soothing waterways, and stunning views of the Dubai skyline and the world’s largest tower.

Sobha Hartland enjoys a waterfront boardwalk that is exclusive to the residents of its community who enjoy their evenings as is meant to be.

Prices From:

1 Bedroom Apartments: AED 1.5 Million

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.3 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.9 Million

4 Bedroom Apartments: AED 3.9 Million


Creek Vistas Grande

Creek Vistas Grande presents a collection of urbane and refined residences with 3 distinct advantages of uninterrupted views, exceptional quality and an abundance of amenities.

It is a perfect gateway to the self-contained world of Sobha Hartland and perfectly encapsulates what the community represents in terms of elegance of design, luxury of convenience and backdrop of views that encompass Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Exceptionally designed spacious apartments with the splendid view of the Dubai skyline. Large size apartments to live every movement of your life.

Prices Start from:

1 Bedroom Apartments: AED 1.5 Million

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 1.9 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.9 Million

Damac Lagoons


Malta DAMAC Lagoons is a new cluster of villas and townhouses with a Mediterranean vibe. It’s the right option for families due to a great number of interactive and entertainment facilities for children. Future residents can choose from 3, 4 & 5-bedroom townhouses and 7-bedroom villas with several balconies and terraces.

Malta DAMAC Lagoons is the playing and learning hub of the whole community. Among amenities which are located right in the cluster are a range of interactive water attractions, a camping island, an AR nature trail and outdoor art exhibits which will be liked both by adults and children. Malta DAMAC Lagoons will let you experience the premium lifestyle in one of the best communities in Dubai.

Prices Start From:

4 Bedrooms – AED 1.75 Million

5 Bedrooms – AED 2.6 Million

Damac Lagoons


Venice luxury standalone villas by Damac properties, The Italian city is now set to take on a new life at DAMAC Lagoons with the launch of Venice. An exclusive new residential development that offers residents and investors the chance to live the elegance of the grand venetian life. 

With its vibrant canals, romantic gondola rides, and waterside cafes, it’s easy to see why this Italian city is a top destination all over the world. Marvel at the luxurious 6 – 7 Standalone Villas with stunning architecture and elegant interiors lined with black marble and gold accents exuding Italian Luxury. 

With the romantic pleasures inspired by the city itself like the Crown Jewel of Venice, The Clubhouse offers a luxurious Spa and fine dining restaurant and bar. Live a truly elegant life at Venice at Damac Lagoons.

Prices Start from: 

AED 4.9 Million


Cavalli Estates

Cavalli Estates is an exclusive residential community located in DAMAC Hills. This premium community is the perfect option for those who are in search of a home where they can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city, but at the same time get to Downtown Dubai in a short period of time.

Cavalli Estates offers luxurious interiors that will impress even the most diverse art professionals. Floor-to-ceiling windows will allow natural light into the mansions throughout the day and provide you with amazing views of the luscious greens and the community itself. Chic home furnishings will also make you feel like you live in a palace.

A private cinema, a sports lounge, sauna, steam room and a gymnasium will be part of the basement floor in each of the gorgeous homes. A maid’s room and a driver’s room with en-suite bathrooms are also included in Cavalli Estates mansions. 

Prices Start From:

6 Bedroom Villas: AED 19.8 Million

7 Bedroom Villas: AED 29 Million



Enjoy living on the waterfront overlooking a beautiful crystal lagoon and white sandy beaches. Walk along the beachfront and soak up the beautiful views and Mediterranean ambience. 

This destination, with its iconic association with the French Riviera, provides a pleasant and tranquil family-friendly environment that will attract residents and visitors all-year-round.

Riviera invites its residents to feel at home and be part of a diverse and multicultural community Family-friendly outdoor activities, leisure, dining and retail therapy are a slice of everyday life. In more ways than one, Riviera is creating a new paradigm for community living in Dubai.

Prices Start from:

Studio Apartments: AED 750,000

1 Bedroom Apartments: AED 1.3 Million

2 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.2 Million

3 Bedroom Apartments: AED 2.3 Million

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